Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Jan's dropping off a few finishing touches tomorrow morning to the Fulham shop and I've invested in some nifty Polaroid film so we'll try and put up some comprehensive photo coverage on thursday.

Things have gone better than expected so far, a real result and the new customers seem to have responded. I think it helps that 4/5ths of the staff are ex-pan so the continuity element has been a bonus. It also helps that 3/5ths of the staff are uniformly excellent at their jobs so well done Stuart, Jane and Claire. Those three have been looking after the joint today while Matthew has a day off and I take care of Waterloo. A real credit to them that we trust them with the shop after only a week and a half! (Although if sales aren't up to muster we'll have a Shinawatra-style Sven-clearance!)

The twin enemies of hubris and complacency are never too far from our thoughts and although we're dead proud of what we've done so far it's a long long way to go... As ever, watch this space.


  1. Are the 3/5ths of your staff who are good at their jobs going to start blogging?

  2. 1/5th of the new staff is not a computer lover let's say...

    1/5th is good with computers but I think would find the whole idea of a blog WAY UNCOOL...

    1/5th may well start blogging. Maybe we can discuss the matter on Friday? You could show us how to add an extra blogger or whatever.

    And are you ever going to blog for us again Marie? Fancy a kind of "special guest appearance" some time?

    Any luck with the cut-out Aphrodite?