Monday, November 03, 2008


Oh wow, I think I've started something here...

"F" has been bringing us cakes and ale for ages now.

And then there's Jane, brilliant author of gardening books, excellent bookseller and cake-maker extraordinaire who often brings slices in to the Fulham Road shop with her so we can "test" them.

Then there was the Polish "dirty dancing" pancake lady.

Now "B" has just dropped in claiming to want to order a book. But then, "Oh, would you like some cake?"

Yes. Yes I would like some cake.

Lemon cake. With icing. YUM YUM YUM YUM.

Oh, what a difference a cake makes!


  1. Hey Mr. Creosote!

    It's carrot and celery sticks from now on.

  2. If you like cake, you need to see this:

    Warning: it may induce jovial whistling for some days.