Friday, November 14, 2008

Flannery O'Connor

I read Wise Blood on the say so of a bookselling friend some years ago. This friend and I are both lovers of Dostoevsky and he said that Wise Blood had a cast of demented characters to rival the Russian master.

He was right. Hazel Motes is NUTS.

I now have a copy of the American Library edition of O'Connor's work and if I'm ever caught without a great book to read I take it off the shelf and read a short story or two.

Yesterday I read one called Good Country People. Have I ever read a funnier, darker story? Probably not. Want to know what happens when a nihilistic wooden-legged chick gets it on with a bible salesman in the hayloft?

Brilliant stuff...

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  1. If only she'd lived longer and written more. One of the great short story writers--and the two novels are the bee's bollocks, too.