Saturday, September 08, 2007


Left the shop at 7ish then next door to the pub then out to somewhere near Slough for more drinks and a battle with a mad hornet followed by bed in the same room as a restless baby who seemed to be awake whenever I was asleep and asleep while I lay awake only to finally insist on getting up at 6:30 though it was my darling wife who actually left the bed and attended to him but I had to take over at about 7:30 didn't manage to have breakfast or find any coffee (who doesn't have coffee and if you did have it where were you hiding it?) then onto a train without washing or brushing my teeth into London and the shop where I just about managed to put myself together only to have people banging on the shutters forcing me to open half an hour early in severe need of more coffee and a bite to eat.

You wouldn't want to kiss me, not now...


  1. Up at 5am after younger one woke older one (baby is waking for one hour around 3am at the moment every night - no reason I can discern). Older one was in full grump-on, but then became manic because of an upcoming birthday party today. Cracking morning.

    Consequently I spent today in the shop in a slight zombie daze - i.e. couldn't even think when a customer wanted a suggestion for something to recommend after reading 'Atonement'.

    We should form a support group. Boy, am I looking forward to bed tonight...

  2. Mark, any requests for book suggestions can be easily met with a chirpy "Gods Behaving Badly":

    - I need something for my sick aunt.
    - Gods Behaving Badly.
    - Something to read on the plane.
    - Gods Behaving Badly.
    - I'm looking for a non-fiction volume about wildlife on the Indian subcontinent.
    - Gods Behaving Badly.
    - Jeffrey Archer's Prison Diaries?
    - Gods Behaving Badly.

    See what I mean?