Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peace man...

Things I have learned this lunchtime.

1: Raw fish is better than cooked fish. I LOVE sushi. Why cook fish? Cooking fish is wrong.

2: It's very hard to get people to drink beer at lunchtime. Adam and I indulged (even though adam is on a pre-hols no beer diet) but only one other person had a beer and he was an author...

3: David Peace is GQ author of the year.

Things I have had confirmed this lunchtime.

1: David Peace is a great bloke.

2: Drinking at lunchtime means productivity plumits.


  1. Long live plumiting. (As long as you don't completely lose your stomach.)

  2. Hi Angela - you will be pleased to hear we sold your book yesterday - I shall be re-ordering...

  3. Oh heavenly news ... thank you. (It comes out in ppbk 6 March, cover just being designed ... any thoughts about ppbk lit fic covers, or is that a ridiculously LARGE subject?)