Friday, September 07, 2007

There's a beer chilling in the fridge at Scooterworks with my name on it...

...but still I have work to do.

I've started on Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson. So far a monkey has met an untimely and pointless end; everyone is paranoid and confused; an assassin's grenade has failed to explode; there is a mysterious German with a blow pipe and a dude has put out a cigarette by peeing on it - so far so Denis!

In other news Picador continue to defy their Demonic Toad-Lord and keep sending great books for me to read. Latest is called The Rebels by Sandor Marai (author of Embers). Out in October non-book-trade folks...

Soon it will be 6pm and my man Toby should drop by with those chilled beers from the Scooterworks fridge...(Still drinking that crappy Starbucks/Costa/Nero coffee? Still not visited Waterloo for all your cultural/culinary needs? Damn...)

(Adam went on holiday today so the less reputable side of the business takes over for a couple of weeks)


  1. That was Scooterworks transfomed into an internet cafe in The Bourne Ultimatum wasn't it? I was squinting to see if it was Fifi behind the counter but it was impossible to tell.

  2. It was Fifi! And what a great movie to boot.

    (I haven't left the building yet)