Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our accountant informs us...

...that we can have a staff christmas party and claim it as expenses. Cool. So we've decided to splash out and go to a swanky London eatery. Trouble is, which one? A booksellers salary, even a bookshop owner's salary isn't exactly consonant with swanky London eateries so our experience of same is somewhat limited.

You can help. The limit is £150 a head. Any suggestions?


  1. I once went to a restaurant called Lindsay House for a publishing do and I would definately go back if someone else was paying. The food was amazing.
    For a fantastic atmosphere that feels like you are in a Woody Allen film then what about Joe Allen's?

  2. £150 a head sounds pretty swanky to me....

  3. £150? Should there be a decimal point somewhere, if not, can we poach your accountant? We're not even allowed a case of wine (to give away of course) as expenses...

    otherwise you're welcome to join us at Perdonis around the corner: a tenner (or 2) on a great Italian xmas meal and the rest on BOOZE!

    ...from your Lambeth Walk colleagues

  4. Why don't you go to Perdonis and take along your Lambeth Walk colleagues to boot and write off their part of the bill as possible customer acquisition?

  5. To say thank you for running the bookgroup (oops - must do that e-mail) you can take me for a slap-up lunch at MarshRuby if you like. I'm nearly staff, the taxman will understand.

    Also, as I am now self-employed, can I give myself a £150 party too?

  6. £150 a head! Where do I send my job application?

    It's fantastic to deduce you're doing so well, but your reputation runs ahead of your blog (I've heard of you from several sources - all very complimentary) so that's not too surprising.

    Please feel free to visit my blog where comments from book lovers are always welcome.

    I'd also love to hear your comments on my cover design, as you're the people who really know about such things.

  7. It's all very well asking people where we should go for our Christmas bash but we may have to source two venues.

    No, the pressures of our close association have not led to a meltdown in our relationship whereby we can't stand being in the same room - we just have different food needs.

    Adam is all action and adventure - mussels, goat, octopus sushi and pig eyes.

    Last night I ate sausages with potatoes and red cabbage. I managed to get the words "proper food, yummmm" out in between mouthfuls...

  8. In that case I'd say get thee to 32 Great Queen's Street, the food is amazing and covers both adventurous and homey. Plus drinkable house wine at £10 a bottle. My favourite place. You will not regret it.

  9. Sounds good Marie, but are you not biased?

    I hear they do fantastic banana splits there!

  10. Chaps

    I've got 3 cracking restaurants for you to choose from - but with your eclectic tastes and deep pockets I'd pitch for Champor-champor (plus it's close by). However, my sister - who knows about these things - says that she had one the best meals of her life at La Trouvaille. And frankly (although it's not named after him) you cannot go wrong at Andrew Edmunds. Anyway links below and don't forget to post a review of the fantabuloso CP Christmas bash wherever it may be. It'll make our end of the day egg mayo from Greggs seem all the soggier

    Andrew the Osteopath