Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Is that the distant sound of frazzled booksellers I hear...

Roll on monday. But in the mean time, will sodding dhl get their arse into gear and deliver the two remaining boxes we should have had today, you know, the ones with all the customer orders in you tossers. It's not like christmas is a surprise to anyone, is it?

'Hey, it's christmas time. Do you think we need to lay on more vans?'

'Nah, she'll be fine mate.'


  1. Ah, yes. The same sort of mentality governs those in charge of public transport here where I live.

    "The trains are too full--shall we put more on?"
    "No, let's rip out the seats so there's more standing room."
    "Ah, brilliant."

  2. More likely your supplier hasn't got your order out in time & are blaming DHL!

    It's called passing the buck...
    Ah just a minute ....that's what you doing moaning about DHL..
    Funny old world we live in...