Saturday, December 15, 2007

YES!! They get it! They really get it!

Two american tourists come to the till to make a purchase:

'Really lovely bookstore you have here.'

'Thank you.'

'It's like a Waterstone's where you've taken out all the rubbish.'

(Dances a little jig inside)

'That was the idea!'


  1. Awh, that is a brilliant comment.

    Just a question though, with the move what will be the best route to get to you? It was quite convenient to nip across from the South Bank on shanks', but I guess there will now be at least a tube ride involved?

  2. Hang on, we thought you were just opening another branch.

    Does this mean you're closing down MK1 in Lower Marsh?

  3. Fulham Road is a rather lengthy 211 ride away from Waterloo station. Better to stick with the very much staying open Mk 1 down the marsh.

  4. Hurrah Adam! Thanks to Marie I did get the tip that you're ADDING not moving the C&P brand. Yippee from me! (not as I think our paltry purchases twice a year make the difference to your profits but I have loved our visits)