Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas (Or - You Keep Your Musak to Yourself! Would You Like A Chocoloate?)

So another year ends...

Darn, I had a great "the year at C & P" thing written but the dog went and ate it. I don't have a dog you say! Well how do you know? Ok, the dog from next door ate it. Alright then, I thought about it for a few secs then decided it was a lame idea. Or I just couldn't remember all the cool things that have happened this year. Or the X-Mas port drinking is taking a toll. Or something...

A bonkers year screeches to a Christmas frenzied end. (Adam is already safe in a Muslim country where Christmas isn't celebrated and I'm desperate to close but last minute shoppers are keeping me busy so I can't.)

All that remains to say is Merry Christmas and thanks to all the brilliant people who visited C & P this year. We love you all.

Next year we open a new shop. Or C & P implodes. Watch this space. Whatever happens, it won't be dull...

PS If you fancy a job and want to help us create what we hope will be one of the most dynamic and exciting bookshops in London - come and sing us a song in January.


  1. So many people doing last minute shopping...

    Blissfully torn. Stay open and make money or close and eat food?

    (It's around about this point that I'd like to raise a glass to all those for whom X-Mas will be less than merry. I am SO bloody lucky to have such choices to make)

  2. Matthew and Adam,
    have a great break, and look forward to joining you in the bookselling world again next year,

  3. Have a great break guys. I worked my way down Lower Marsh buying my pressies and ran out of money before i reached you, I'm afraid. Er... at the cafe. Sorry I didn't get to pop in. And I'm back in Praha now.

    But on the bright side, I managed to put you on my map of London cafes. (Yeah, I know, but you're that cool that you still make it on there. How xmas spirit is that?)

    You're at

    When I get a chance I'll put a map of indy booksellers together, but I'm up to my ears picture editing at the mo. Have a great New Year, and see you in 08!