Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've just had our rates bill for 2009/10

I can just picture the conversation at the council:

'So, revenues down. Wass that all abaht then?'

'Must be this credit crunch business thingy, guv. All them empty shops an' that goin' aht of business'

'Wot we gonna do abaht it then?'

'Dunno. Need more money'

'Well, obviously all those business that have survived have dun alright, innit. We can tap them up for some moolah, can't we'

'Fackin' brilliant idea, guv! Those shops must be swimmin' in it. 'Nother couple of grand won't hurt 'em'

'Get the presses rollin' Tompkins, we're sweet!'

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