Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ahh, the ambience...

A friend was telling me her impression of the shop:

'It's like walking into a more intellectual version of a garage.'

Would that be a kwik-fit or an underneath the arches I wonder?

And does that mean we have more intellectual arse cleavage?

Do you think we can get away with pics of Sam, 23 from Northampton blu-tacked to the wall?

Or maybe we just desperately need to hire some women!!


  1. We need women. Ever since Marie left the toilet situation has just got worse and worse. Men are disgusting.

    And most of the people who buy books seem to be women.

    I vote for women.

    Women are great!

  2. I am not sure I agree with the garage comparison.

    I have always thought of it more as a posh bedsit with loads of books, or a large doctor's waiting room.

  3. Maybe the ladies think of a garage, because the Glimmer Twins of the bookselling trade exude soooo much testosterone?

    (BTW try ice on the chewing gum on the carpet - then scrape off with a blade.
    And nitromors or napalm in the loo. Guaranteed to get rid of the stains.)