Monday, February 18, 2008

So near, yet so far...

'We're doing a shoot for the ***** **** weekend mag. The editor ordered 150 books from amazon and one has turned up. We gotta shoot today. ***** is looking for books and she'll be down in a minute'

Hee Hee. Ker-Ching.

Little Miss Christmas storms in barely out of school looking around frantically.

'I've got a list' she tells the photographer.

'If you let me have a look at the list I can tell you where to get them', say I.

And she ignores me as obviously I only run a bookshop and she's a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON in the meedja and all of her 23 years means she know instantly A LOT MORE than I possibly could about where to get her sodding books.

They waft out in the vain search for these books that are actually going to end up as freebies that the editor was going to swipe for himself at the end of the shoot. Arseholes. Nice photographer though.

Just as well I wouldn't pick up a ***** **** with a 10 ft pair of irradiated tweezers.

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