Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Found Humour - Overheard On Lower Marsh This Morning...

A young woman is looking at the fruit on an old man's stall. She picks up a plum. She puts it down again.

"Don't squeeze the fruit love, I don't know where your hands have been. They might have been up your arse..."

Young woaman walks off, probably never to return to a market stall ever again.

It's not all down to Tesco is it...

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  1. Walthamstow Market:

    A man is squeezing the mangoes on the super stall manned by a trader known to my family as the nasty guy. "Don't touch the fruit mate". "I am just looking" as he continues testing the mangoes. "You want to play with the fruit f**k off to Sainsburys it's just down there" Man shuffles off.

    You see - they actively encourage supermarket use over here.