Monday, April 27, 2009

Bargains! (Or, Credit Crunch Redux)

We have some bargain books on sale - £5.99, reduced from £10.99.

We have a customer - 'If I buy two can I have them for ten pounds?'

Canny haggler or tight-fisted c***?

You decide!


  1. Is there ever a difference?

  2. On holiday in France I decided to listen to the radio whilst having a shave. The only station I could find in English was one of those daytime chat things. They had a piece on Lourdes and a reporter was talking to a lady who was selling Holy Relics.

    The reporter asked for a plastic Jesus keyring and a plastic Holy water bottle shaped like Mary.

    "This one is 3 Eros and this is 2 - If I buy them both can I have them for 4 Euros?"

    At first the lady was so astonished there was just a stunned pause. He repeated his request and she replied - "I'm sorry sir, it does not work like that"

    No discounts from God - why should C & P be any different?