Saturday, April 04, 2009

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...and other reasons why if you love books then FFC is the place to be!

The man above penned the immortal phrases "It was a dark and stormy night"; "The great unwashed"; "the penis mightier than the sword", (er I mean pen is) and where did he live? That's right Craven Cottage - that hallowed patch of grass by the Thames where Fulham Football Club are based.

The Premier league Reading Stars initiative has seen Wayne Rooney plastered over the papers with a copy of Harry Potter but the real star of Reading Stars has to be Fulham Goalkeeper Mark Schwartzer. He hasn't just promoted a book or two - he's written one!

Schwarzer: "Scarves & Sombreros is a book I've co-written and it's the second one of a five-book series. From my point of view it's a great book based on football. It's based on a lot of our experiences as kids growing up in Australia. It's about an English kid who emigrates from the UK to Australia and I think a lot of people can relate to it because it's based on football, how you fit into society, stick together, form friendships and go through the trials and tribulations of everyday life."

Brilliant stuff. I was also chuffed to see the book has Sombrero in the title as these two Mexican looking fellas were instrumental in keeping Fulham in the Premier league last season with an inspirational display at Fratton Park on the final day.

(Nah, that's not me! I don't have a 'tache...)

Then there are the stories confirming Roy Hodgson is a reader:

...the only form of stimulation Hodgson will be seeking can be found within the pages of Schultz, by J.P. Donleavy.

“I wouldn't need to celebrate,” Hodgson said. “If we were to win and stay in the league, there would be such satisfaction for me that I would quite happily go home and have a glass of water and read my book. I found Schultz in an antique shop in Brighton. I've read it about five times.”

Can there be a more cerebral footballer in the Premier League right now than Fulham's Norwegian defender?

Asked to name the last book he read, Hangeland revealed: ?I read quite a lot, the last one was a Norwegian book which you won't know. But the last English language book was Underworld by Don DeLillo.?

So not only is Hangeland a fan of 800-page Pulitzer-prize nominated literature, but he also reads books in two languages.

Two languages eh?

So there you go - the Highbury Library has gone, soon to be forgotten. If you love books you really should start supporting the right team...

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