Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Arise, Sir Adam. Arise, Sir Matthew!

I suppose we shouldn't say but we were contacted by the powers that be to see if we would be willing recipients of a queen's birthday bauble for our gallant services to the independent book trade.

Unfortunately due to our innate distrust of, and contempt for, authority, hierarchy and the monarchy we had to politely decline the offer.

Still, it's nice they thought of us.


  1. I would have accepted, if only as a ruse to get near the queen, wrench the sword from her hand and chop her head off...

    Nothing personal Liz but, you are a Monarch.

    Very interested to see Salman survived being knighted. I would have thought his head was inflated to the point of destruction already. Just shows how incredibly fat a literary head can get!

  2. I wish to express my admiration of you for refusing the "bauble". I have often fantasized about doing so myself but happily, the situation will never arise in my case and my resolve will therefore never be tested.

    Either way, I congratulate you for your steadfastness.