Friday, June 08, 2007

Teenage Kicks...

I can't go to work
Dah Dah (that's the sound of heavy guitar chords)
The boss is a jerk
Dah Dah
I ain't got time for this school
Dah Dah
The fuckers are fools
I'm going to... explode I've had it!
I lie around with the TV on
Dah Dah
I don't do nothin', I just hang around
Dah Dah
etc etc
Black Flag were an inspiration in my teens. We used to cover that song (I've had it) and also Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie The band I was in for a while went through various phases, the most successful of which (our crowning moment of glory was a gig at the Brixton Old White Horse watched by a few devoted fans and some rather confused looking locals) was a hardcore punk phase. We were truly horrendous and had the plug pulled on us mid gig on one occasion when we refused to stop playing. I left when I got a girlfriend out of it!
I love punk. I love the DIY ethic and I guess the punk ethos is still a driving force. (Hard to see behind my disguise as mild mannered, bespectacled bookseller but I shi* you not!)
Get out there.
Do it.
Don't fake it.
Crockatt & Powell


  1. This blogging lark is giving me the heebie jeebies.

    Chatting to a bloke about David Peace and all of a sudden he confesses the reason he is buying Damned Utd is because I was "going on about it" on the blog.

    Next sentence he mentioned anarchy and I was thinking about this Black Flag may be interested to know the Black Flag was/is an anarchist symbol (recently seen at the G8 - guys get brains - what the fu*k did chucking stones at the police ever achieve?) but it was also a fly spray and hints at the band Black Sabbath.

    I once "tattooed" the Black Flag symbol on my shoulder in black marker only to be taken to task about it in a school swimming lesson. I had to prove it wasn't a real tattoo or get into "real" trouble.

    To put the record straight I probably would describe myself as an anarchist but sadly I don't think humanity is quite ready for real freedom yet and maybe we never will be.

    (I would put my own mental age now at approx 17 3/4)

    * STOP PRESS Just sold some Bolano short stories as well... *

  2. Did somebody put something in your tea this morning?

  3. Coffee Coffee Coffee

    I always have a couple on a Sat and being on my own tends to drive me a little crazy as it is...