Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our pernicious influence is spreading like a particularly unpleasant fungal infection

Virus-like, we've crossed the channel. An ex-colleague (hello Karen) was in the venerable Shakespeare & Co in Paris and noticed our full-page Guardian spread sellotaped to the wall, pride of place. We even have photographic proof.

Mwhah-hah-hah-hahhhhhh! Soon, the world will be ours!!!!


  1. What a lark! Yeah, C&P!

  2. This is truly great news!

    Shakespeare & Co is one of my mother-in-law's favourite bookshops...

    How do we get on the wall at City Lights?

  3. Which means that I must be on their wall too.


  4. I should also so hello and thanks to Karen - long time no see...(and to Ian, David, Chaska and anyone else who is still there from when I was)

    Adam, Jonathan and I all worked at the great shop Pan at one time or another - a bookselling training ground for generations.

  5. Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry I didn't make it to your party last night. I barely made it home and Crystal Palace was a hill to far I'm afraid. Hope you had a rockin' good time though.

  6. We did, indeed, have a rockin' time. It was standing room only and the cycle up the hill in the rain this morning was somewhat restorative.

    I'm working on City Lights.

  7. Are you sure they're not using it as a dartboard? ;)