Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can I have one of these please

Or, the geeks shall inherit the Earth...


  1. I followed the Geek link.

    Rubbish music.

  2. TweedledumJuly 09, 2008

    I reckon that Adam and Matthew have been blasted by Dr. Who or someone, and have merged into one being. Called Crockattandpowell. Or just Crackpot. And now he's going stir crazy and has begun to pretend to be 2 different people.

    Proof: he has conversations with himself (see above)

    More proof: has anyone seen them together these days?

    [cue Twilight Zone music...]

  3. tweedledeeJuly 09, 2008

    More proof no.3: they weigh the same and displace the same volume of water, but one version is "compact" and the other is "pulled" (like my granma's taffy).

  4. I was mistaken for Adam three times yesterday - so you may have a point...