Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Did I Do To Deserve...

...customers (ok friends really - but we met through the shop) who bring me beer on a hot afternoon?

Is this a job?

All the financial anxiety and precarious relationship to money in general is worth it when the likes of "F" are around.

"F" - we salute you!


  1. De nada, Matthew (as it's Mexican day today)

    and the song reminds me of my aunties dancing in mini skirts, with jangly earings- but your "summer"* is still something I'm trying to get used to, instead of the normal 6 months dry, 6 months rain (and hurricanes)!

    (*..and "autumn"!!?? Man, to someone from the tropics, that's even freakier than snow!)

    now back to work, sigh...

  2. I Love the lovin' - coconut grove coming up if i can find it...

    The beach is calling to me (and I'm not talking about the Fulham Road shop)