Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm going to regret this...

...but picture the scene.

Boy meets girl or boy meets boy or girl meets girl or boy meets sheep or (just picture a pre-romantic encounter that suits your preference ok?) and one of them is reading a book.

Instant potential conversation (less likely to give you cancer than a cig more to talk about etc). Marie blogged a while ago about two people who met after they saw each other in the park reading Gods Behaving Badly.

I mean who hasn't (at an earlier stage in their development) wandered about with a book under their arm or sat in a cafe reading a book because they thought it made them look cool/sophisticated/intelligent etc?

Now what happens when it's an e-reader? You go to the park and sit on a bench?

Mobbed by geeks.

You are on the tube?

Mobbed by geeks.

You are in a cafe?

Mobbed by geeks.

Forget the book - it's romance that should be on the endangered species list!

And another thing:

Two geeks meet. They both have their e-readers. They "shock horror" compare libraries! Now there's no opportunity to pretend you have read all of Thomas Pynchon's work then rush out to your friendly local bookseller ask who the hell this Pynchon dude is then buy books and sit at home reading for years in preparation for the first date...


  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is the significance of the picture? Or is the fact that people are themselves taking picture and missing the zen moment?

  2. Those are geeks desperate to obtain a new I-Phone (or was it a Playstation?)

    Geeks always miss the Zen moment.

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    There really is no worse place on earth than an apple store. We got Hade's brother a case for his ipod, and the whole place is like some kind of consumerist brain fart pantomime. We stayed in there about ten minutes, got completely the wrong kind of sensory overload, and ran to the pub to unscramble our brains. Never, ever, ever again.