Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sorry, we don't take payment on Saturdays

So, you're the biggest wholesaler in the country dealing with hundreds of bookshops delivering thousands of boxes a day and work in collaboration with one of the largest US wholesalers. You also fulfill orders from amaz*n, run a template website for small bookshops and co-ordinate home deliveries for individual customers.

But on a saturday it seems there's only one person in the office who can log on to the system and take a payment over the phone, so they don't bother.

THIS ISN'T THE 1950'S!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!

On a similar theme, we're currently getting our deliveries from the marvelous Baker & Taylor in America approximately 48 hours after ordering them. Many UK distributors are still quoting 7-10 days. And that's just across town. Jesus, I could walk there and pick up the books myself if it's really too much trouble...

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