Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

I'm not meant to tell ANYONE about ANY of this. It is all really secret and if I let any of these cats out of their bags I will be hung drawn and quartered FOR STARTERS.

But you know how it is.

It's sooooooooo HARD to keep secrets...

I mean this is really quite exciting, life changing, you know. BIG NEWS.

(You won't tell a soul anyway - I know - I can trust you...can't I...)

Ok, it's like this...EUK...

Marie here - I'm afraid Matthew won't be blogging for a while. (Squealer!) I'm locking him in the cellar (which is rather smelly at the minute)

Oooooo it's cold as well. And dark. What's that scratching noise? I think it's a rat...Oh no! I'll keep quiet next time I promise just LET ME OUT.



They've gone home.

I'm going to have to sleep down here. At least there are some cardboard boxes.


  1. Tell me, tell me, tell me. What? What is your news? We are all picqued.

  2. I'm down in the cellar! I can't tell you I can't!

    Best if I change the subject...

  3. somebody got publishified.... probably

  4. HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH ... Because I know, I know I know and I couldn`t be more pleased ...

  5. Adam got himself a personality?

  6. anon - let's not let ourselves get too childish now eh? we know where it leads...

  7. Hmm, if SH knows then I think I might know too and that's all the way down here in Devon, heavens, doesn't the unspoken word spread fast, now let that poor boy out of the cellar before the rats get hungry.

  8. [jumps up and down] I know I know la la la la la.

  9. I don't know, but if I did it sounds like the sort of news I would be really happy about.

    Can I be happy anyway?!