Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More e-book stuff and other tidbits

Coming soon to a website near you!

Margaret Atwood is mostly right. (Present company excepted)

Mix all the ingredients, stir thoroughly and stand back for the reaction.


  1. ebooks will never happen. there will NEVER be a time when ebooks are a viable alternative - it could never be profitable. there are so many reasons why the succes of itunes cannot be compared to the potential of an electronic device for reading a book. i'm tired by sony and apple who continue to plod away at this market and get us all riled when IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Lets leave these companies to fritter away there considerable loose change investing in these daft gismos while we settle down to a spot of Melville House Publishing's treats (but beware of those paper cuts, folks, don't say anon didn't warn you).

  2. I just saw an advert for the Sony ebook reader thingy and it only holds 80 books.

    Now for the maths:

    1 reader =$350 / 80 books = $4.38 as the cost of the device per book.

    Cost of the ebooks reportedly 25% less than a paper book.

    Cost of an paperback in the US around $15
    25% discount off that =$3.75

    Cost of ebook =$11.25
    cost of ebook and reader per book= $15.63


    and the choice is only 10,000 books form 6 publishers which is nothing.