Friday, September 22, 2006

We have the same trouble at C&P

Do you find it hard to stop your books from groovin'?


  1. Love it! And it's true - my husband attempts to organise our bookshelves every now and again, but while we're asleep the books have a party and are always back to their usual happy muddle when we get up. I have particular problems with Patricia Duncker - she's never in the same place twice!


    Anne B

  2. Round my house I get books leaping out at me.

    Have had books jump on my head before...

  3. Ah, you need to read the Journal of Sir Walter Scott, He got there first. In one entry he calls himself 'L`homme qui cherche' and says he cannot find anything in his study .. whatever he wanted was there yesterday but in the night 'I swear they creep about and hide themselves' ..he can only find what he does not want and that sort of thing 'prinks itself in your face wherever you look' - I too swear books creep about and hide themselves in quite another place.. I have been looking for my second copy of The Big Sleep for days but it has crept about and hidden itself and the only thing I can find is The Long Goodbye which prinks itself in my face every time.
    Where did you GET the jiving books ?

  4. You can upload clips to some Blog accounts but not all. There's 000's and 000's of clips mostly of teenagers being idiots but with judicious use of the search bar you can find lots of interesting things and now tv and film and music companies have started uploading there 'backlist'. Soon, all video'd human life will be there.

    But beware! It's one of those internet sites where you may enter during the light but you will not leave until it is beyond dark so unless you've got a spare few hours don't go there.

  5. Its true.

    I was six years old when I first visited YouTube. Now I have a beard and my pyjamas don't fit.