Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where Have All The Prophets Gone? (Plus loads of Parentheses)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning, around the time we (well, I) challenged Scott Pack to an "actual" fight (it's a long story, the details of which can be seen on our old blog) I was forever blogging about The Prophets.

There was Death of the Book - obvious what he was on about. His visionary experience occurred when he held one of these new e-readers in his hand. "I saw it, very clearly, the death of the book..." He was an obvious GOB (gadget obsessive bloke) though and lo and behold the book still survives. Have not seen him for a long while.

Then there was I and Eye - a Rasta who tried (and failed) to enlighten us. He once showed me pictures of him with his arm around Big Youth but sadly years of searching for enlightenment (smoking tons of weed) had left him a bit brain damaged. He ended up harassing Marie about an allegedly low cut top and was never seen again.

Last, but by no means least, there was Flashing Helmet. I knew we were famous when I overheard someone on a bus yell "it's flashing helmet" as he cycled past.

But the flashing helmet has gone. (He used to wear a hard hat with flashing red lights taped onto it) It has been replaced by a rather dapper green hat. I await the coming darkness of the winter months with interest - will the flashing helmet return?

Fortunately the Prophets keep coming.

Only yesterday there was the lady who, after a long ramble about trees and subsidence (I insisted trees are blamed for house collapses unfairly. The hot summer has caused lots of subsidence - trees (also knackered by the hot summer) have fu*k all to do with it!) She was thrilled and launched into a long story about how she had taken a shower in the hospital. ("I was just walking along the corridor when I saw this open door - there was a shower in there! Well, I couldn't pass an opportunity like that so I hopped in. Now I think they might be after me" (looked over shoulder) "But it was a lovely cool shower.") After a great deal of smiling and nodding on my part she dropped her bombshell.

"Of course, I'm from another planet."

Just beautiful...


  1. Pluto has just been relegated from the planetary league so she might have been a kind of refugee...

    I'll ask her if I see her again soon!

  2. Could have been Uranus. You should have asked her if she was looking for Klingons.