Thursday, August 17, 2006

In Praise Of...

The Idler

We at C & P love the Idler, that lazy look at the world produced by the clever (and hardworking!) Tom Hodgkinson and co.

Of course being lazy isn't much use in running a business. But being lazy is also an art. And extremely political. In fact being really lazy takes a lot of work!

But I digress.

In this issue of The Idler there is a piece on parenting. (Baby bore? Moi?) In esssence the idea is that kids are pretty good at bringing themselves up. Left to their own devices they are more than likely to develop into functional human beings.

I won't quote from the article here - you can come and buy it off us!

One quote then:

Oh, Health and safety! How many crimes against humanity have been committed in your name?

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