Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In Vogue

Kate Moss and Crockatt & Powell...What's the connection?

Rock star boyfriends?

Cocaine problems?

Nope - both in Vogue!

No I'm serious...We are in Vogue this month. Yup, among the pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of adverts you will (if you part with £3.60 for the opportunity to be advertised at in a "shock and awe" style) find a brief mention of our fledgling enterprise.


Headed - Boutique Bookshops

In a world of overwhelming choice, we all need a little editing. From the food we eat to the clothes we buy, it makes all the difference to know that care has gone into the selection process. It is no surprise that independently run boutique bookshops are currently enjoying a quiet renaissance. While the battle of the high-street giants rages, and it's revealed just how much publishers will pay to make their title a "bestseller", more and more of us are discovering the pleasures of real bookshops, where books are curated with the same care as artworks in a gallery.

Good stuff eh? (Thanks to the peeps at Vogue - hope it's ok to quote this...)

Haywood Hill is described as "wonderfullyramshacklee" John Sandoe as "Dickensian", Daunt in Marylebone as "elegant".

As for Crockatt & Powell:

Matthew Crockatt and Adam Powell also spotted a gap in the market , and launched Crockatt & Powell in Waterloo this year. They quickly started a monthly bookgroup, a poetry parlour and regular readings, where philosophy professor AC Grayling and Zadie Smith have taken the stand. Their passion is clear. "We stock the books we love," says Powell simply. "And anything that appeals to shameless elitist literary snobs", adds Crockatt, wryly.

So there you go. The die is cast. Waterloo is to be the new Chelsea and Lower Marsh a 21st century Kings Road.

Or something...


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  2. Of course, I'm the only person who's actually allowed to dance in the shop.

  3. Oh no, now I have an image of you all doing the Vogue routine in the shop, even though I don't know what any of you look like. Eek.
    Well done though, how chic...

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