Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mostly Books

Mark from Mostly Books came in to see us today - bearing gifts! (For Finn)

He and his wife Nicki have been going for just over a month...

I am constantly and regularly astounded by how bloody brilliant people in the booktrade are.

If you live anywhere remotely near Oxford check them out - in Abingdon.


All the best, lots of luck and remember guys - KEEP IT HARDCORE


  1. It was a real inspiration to meet you two - we'll form a Booksellers Association subgroup working on the solutions to the "direct insolation impact no books" problem.

    BTW, "Journal by Moonlight", Antal Szerb. Sold from the table with 48 hours. HARDCORE!

  2. Mark - you are too kind...

    We're just a couple of chancers on a last ditch attempt to escape our destinies (too horrible to go into here but suffice to say I've had visions and it were not nice).

    Once again all the best and anyone reading this who lives anywhere near Abingdon get down to Mostly Books now and find out how lucky you are.