Saturday, August 12, 2006

Remainder - The Future?

Great to see Tom McCarthy's excellent Remainder starting to receive the review coverage it richly deserves. (Guardian today)

Turned down by all the main publishers who failed to see any similarity to the pillars of our modern literary world (Wayne Rooney, Jordan, Billy Piper and Dan Brown) it has taken a long while for word of mouth to push Remainder into the limelight.

Perhaps in the future we might see an increasingly close relationship between independent bookshops and independent publishers with the common aim of making sure quirky, interesting and downright weird books still find an outlet?

Since opening 8 months ago we have already forged strong links with Eland Books, Serif, Pushkin Press, Maia, Portobello Books, Alma Books, Hearing Eye, Marion Boyars and Melville House Press to name a few...

Maybe it's already happening? Want something a little different? We're on Lower Marsh, Waterloo.


  1. eR... Don`t forget the strong link you have forged with Long Barn Books, which does not even invoice you until you have sold them. And the success you are going to have with their Christmas best seller HEROINES. THE BOLD, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL by Jessica Ruston ( which is the book you will be pressing into the hand of every man wandering about looking desperate because you don`t sell pink frilly underwear and he needs to buy 5 presents for the girls in his life by 5 p.m. You will also press it into the hand of everyone who wants a really good present for their mother-in-law, sister-in-law, the girl in the flat below, the girl in the flat above, the girl at the next desk and the girl at the desk behind. A snip, hardback, with 1p change from a tenner to put in the moneybox you have on the counter labelled FINN`S PENSION

  2. Yes, of course. How could we forget!

  3. Sorry Susan...

    Of course Long Barn rock. There are doubtless others I forgot to mention but there's a lot going on nhere ar the minute - baby on my lap with the laptop - also trying to feed hi m from bottle forfirst time - so far he koves it.

    (PS I know - not the perfect attentive dad - adam even heard me swear i fro nt of him the otehr day but who is percfect eh?)