Thursday, April 12, 2007

Curiouser and curiouser

Well, isn't life full of surprises. We were visited this morning by a famous British film director and his travelling production company. It looks like they want to use the shop as a location in his new film. Blimey.

And then a visit from a location dude from the studio making the new Bourne movie, the Bourne Ultimatum. They're filming a scene in excellent Scooterworks down the road but need the rest of the street to look open until 10 and Matt Damon will be running energetically down the alley next to the shop. As we close at 7 they are offering a small stipend for our time. Cool.

Will report in due time on how it all goes and if Matt Damon is an Ok bloke. So far the signs are looking good, the famous British film director is a very nice bloke indeed.


  1. Matt Damon? Shit I've been telling people Matt Dillon!

    I wonder if they've done their research? Do they know what the alley Matt is planning to escape down is usually used for?

    If not, expect to see him come tearing back out again at double speed!

    Either that or he'll disappear and resurface in Heat magazine being photographed coming out of the Priory.

  2. Dillon, Damon, potato, potarto...

    All sounds very intriguing though. Well done guys for taking it in your stride.

    And in case you didn't know, if David Tennant gets attached to said British Director's project, you know who to call...