Thursday, April 26, 2007

First day back to school blues

We're open again... you ever get that sinking feeling?


  1. What I find truly shocking about this article is the fact that the head of shares a name with Fulham's top striker.

    We even tried to make up a chant for Brian (was crap and didn't catch on!).

    PS When I say "top striker" we are not talking Drogba/Henry and co - we are clinging to premiership status but, since all our nails are bitten to the quick, we may not be able to hang on long...

  2. With the stock answer from many who work in the Somerset Library Service, should there be no copy in the local system, "you'd better try and get a copy on Amazon" (and not have the good manners to refer customers to their local bookshops) it is hardly surprising that at least two of my nearest 'rival' quality indie bookshops are "up-for-sale".