Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh No! Not again...

Bloody brillaint launch in the shop last night for The Seven Days of Peter Crumb by Jonny Glynn. Another small publisher (Portobello) another shop full of people at C & P.

Jonny was a great bloke, not as frightening as I had been led to believe by reading his book. Turns out he has a nine-monther too, though his has six teeth compared to our Finn's four.

One of these days we will get ourselves a fancy camera and show you a few pics of these nights. The Porobello crew and Jonny's mates drank ALL the wine. That has never happened before! Good show chaps...

This post is staggering towards the point - I also drank rather a lot of wine having not eaten anything most of the day and the pounding in my skull is making it hard to see straight let alone write. But there is a point coming. And it concerns famous people. But not just any famous people - FRAN FROM BLACK BOOKS WAS THERE!!!!!

You guessed it, soggy brain here didn't realise. Not even when she was leaving with a dude in a natty linen suit and started asking me where they should eat. I was so busy wondering why anyone in their right mind would ask a bookseller about resaurants (let's just say we rely on publishers to wine and dine us) that I only vaguely recognised her.

"Who was that?" I asked Philip (Portobello editor) "Isn't she some sort of comic lady or something?"

"That was Tamsin Greig" said Philip.

"Oh..." said I.

"From Black Books..."


Marie used to believe she WAS Tamsin Greig. It was a constant running joke. She will never forgive me. I could have had her sign something or something...


  1. I'm astonished that you didn't even recognise "me" after all my time working for you...

  2. Wasn't it not long ago Marie who was always missing siting famous people? Maybe Matthew has taken over for Marie and this incident just goes to show how well he is doing.

  3. And you didn't spot Debi from the Archers either.

  4. Hey J - the Archers is on the would I know what she looks like?