Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The other thing is more exciting but also more secret...

So I'll just say that Marie has a whole page to herself on our website now.

You can pre-order copies of her book there. If you get them from us they will be signed by the author. If you buy them from other places you will still be able to read the book fine but it won't be the same. (It won't!)

We may well have a lunchtime signing session with Marie as well - if she's not being whirled around the world too much...


  1. I reckon I can probably squeeze you in between other engagements...

    Let me know if you want some blurb for that page BTW. Will add it my blog and my myspace as soon as I'm back from holiday.

  2. blurb? do we want blurb? we bloody LOVE blurb...

    PS Fancy dashing off a quick newsletter?

  3. Will pass on blurb. As for newsletter... you can't afford my per-word rate. Have you done the bookgroup one yet?