Wednesday, April 11, 2007

David Peace Signing Session

I am very excited about this. So excited I'm going to tell you all about something that's not going to happen until September...

That's right, the author of the Red Riding Quartet, GB84 and The Damned Utd will be in Crockatt & Powell signing books and chatting to folk. Put it in your diary and make sure you take a day off work if you need to.
Now for a few words about football:
1: David Peace has written one of the best sports books ever (and there's quite a tradition) with his fictional portrait of ol' big head Brian Clough - The Damned Utd. It's our bookgroup book for this month. Read it and come along on Monday 30th April to add your tuppence.
2: Finn went to his first football match on Monday. (He went in the womb quite a few times. In fact we never lost a game when he was at a match in the womb.) We lost 3 - 1 to Man City. Finn had a word with Al and now Coleman has been sacked. Hopefully the next match he sees will involve a bit more football and a bit less rubbish.
3: Did you see Man Utd last night? Now that's how to play football...Chelsea by contrast, what a joke. Liverpool or Utd for the champions league.
4: I'm glad I support a team where you have no problem sitting with a nine month old boy on your lap (not in my usual seat - found a spare right on the end of a row in case of emergency but, like the fireworks when he was four months old, he loved it) rather than the kind of club that attracts idiots who want to kill each other and opposition fans.


  1. The Damned Utd is whipping me into a frenzied coma of indifference.

    "I walk out to the pitch. Cold wind. I ruffle my lad's hair. Fucking bastards I hate those bastards. Fucking Leeds. Him. I hate him. I am Brian Clough.

    1964. You are Brian Clough. You lie on the pitch. Hail. Wind and hail. Wind and hail and wind. You look for Peter. Where is Peter? Judas."

    Please god no more.

  2. Ah well, looks set to be a lively debate about this one...

    Remember - youse all voted for it!

    Just had word today the Tokyo trilogy is on the way. First one due this autumn.

  3. I have quit The Damned Utd. I made it to page 68 which leaves me slightly shamefaced - had hoped to reach at least 100 before throwing in the towel. A friend has offered to lend me Portrait of a Lady to tide over that nasty book-free transition. May enjoy Tokyo trilogy more: am considerably more interested in Tokyo than in Brian bloody Clough.

  4. You know you are in trouble with a book when you turn to Henry James for relief...

    Never got far with those endless sentences myself. He also has a nasty habbit of torturing his female characters.

    Still I am looking forward to bookgroup. Prepare for battle Ms Phillips!

  5. If you like short sentences. I can see why. You'd like The Damned Utd.

  6. this is the three R's

    the three R's


  7. You forgot repetition.