Thursday, April 10, 2008

9th of May

We think that's the date for the new Crockatt & Powell to open down Chelsea way. Jan the builder has been beavering away and the place is all ready for the chosen colours (Quartz Flint don't you know). Matthew, myself and new blood Stuart were in the shop last night deciding just what books we think we want to sell. Reckon we've covered all bases but will soon find out no doubt.

Shelves and furniture are almost finished off-site and ready to be nailed to the wall, or however it is Jan does these things.

I think the next 4 weeks are going to fairly whizz by so don't be surprised if the blog slows down a bit. We're going to be busy boys...

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  1. Must be very exciting. I wish you all the best. Break a leg. Toitoitoi. (Which means spit, spit, spit, the German equivalent for break a leg. Wouldn't you know it would be messier.) Quick, mini updates, will all do... don't leave us in the dark for four weeks!