Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why Would I Want A Book On Grain Elevators?

That would be the Becher I presume?

Sir, you would not want a book on Grain Elevators.

Nor would you want a book on Water Towers.

Or Framework Houses.

Or Cooling Towers.

But there are a few nutters out there that find these haunting black and white photos of industrial buildings beautiful.

Nutters. Come to C & P - we have weird, beautiful books for you...


  1. I like the look of it (well at least the cover)- does that make me wierd?? I recently read "Stargazing' about the life as a lighthouse worker...very enjoyable (I mean the book not so much the work). I guess the cover reminded me of lighthouses in some ways...

  2. I don't know how to put this without sounding rude but...I think you might be at least a little bit odd.

    1: You are a good customer of ours.

    2: You like reading books about lighthouses.

    3: You liked the cover of the Becher and the inside is pretty much just like the cover. (Just different grain elevators on each page)

    "Weird", "odd" - how about we settle on "interesting"?

  3. Hmm. As someone who buys a fair amount of 'weird' books, if I was of a more sensitive disposition I would read this blog post, be horribly offended and buy the book from Amazon/Waterstones etc.

    Guys I think you're great, but calling your customers names (even in jest) can't be a smart move surely?

  4. I know Regina pretty well as it goes and I don't think she's going to be too upset.

    If she is she can slap me at bookgroup on Monday...

    I've lost count of the number of times I've had to point out that this blog is a load of nonsense. Please don't be upset. Anyone.

  5. Matthew,

    Here's a virtual little *slap* for having the audacity to call me 'odd'- but I do like 'interesting.' I would have erupted in fury if you'd described me as 'ordinary' ;o)).

    Life is too short for the bland and ordinary, don't you think so??

  6. a past life I used to have to drive across North Texas and Oklahoma visiting pig farms (don't ask), and when you're in "big sky country" and the only thing you can see is...the horizon, those grain elevators are indeed strange and alluring sights.

    Does that make me weird?

    I wonder how much trouble I'd get into if I snuck one of these into the shop...

  7. Hi Mark - did you know there was a chap in Ohio who is also into lunar exploration?

    Regina - ouch! My cheek is virtually smarting...

  8. Wow, yeah, Ryan of Toledo. And he's also into comics...

    Actually, I need to update my profile. It's lunar *colonisation* that I'm actually into...

  9. I'd like a book on Groin Elevators please.

  10. It looks intriguing. I do a regular post on Thursdays about outhouses - there's some great architecture out there that deserves a wider viewing and I'd include grain elevators, etc, in that category.