Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ukelele Practice then down to work...

So far today I have been trying to get Finn to bang his tambourine in time to my ukulele version of Johnny Cash's Walk The Line.

This afternoon I'm being driven to Reading for a picnic in the carpark at Lidl. (We might also go to a football match - or we might just stay in the carpark).

What a life eh? Fuc*in pure GLAMOUR.


  1. Crockatt & Powell can neither confirm nor deny reports that Crockatt was seen on Match of the Day jumping around with an inflateable ring on his head...

  2. You think that's glamorous, I had a lovely trip to the TKMaxx in Kew Retail Park followed by a quick visit to Curry's in Hammersmith to buy a phone. Damn we live high off the hog.

  3. And you won, so my local team might still get relegated after all. I'll tell you what: the best solution is that Reading and Fulham stay up, while Bolton and Birmingham go down.