Saturday, April 26, 2008

Place Your Bets...

The first book we sold at Crockatt & Powell was Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis.

It was the day before we opened. Everything was more or less in place and folk were peering through the window from time to time. Before long one bloke knocked on the door.

"Is that the new Bret Eason Ellis I can see there?"


"Can I buy it?"

"Erm, yes, of course..."

So he did.

I wonder what the first book sold in Chelsea is going to be?


  1. How about 'Johnny Haynes, The Maestro' by Martin Plumb and Ken Coton ??

  2. The Ragged trousered Philanthropists?


  3. Sorry Mr Reader, C&P is a strictly union-free zone. Sweat shop conditions only.

  4. Chelsea - Jeffrey Archer? That appealingly-jacketed new bonkbuster called "Tan Lines"? I bet you get through a shedload of Jilly Cooper as well...

  5. PS Matthew, Adam or Marie -I've just tagged you. Because I have no idea how to put a link in my blog, this is about as high tech as it gets.. Consider yourself tagged..

  6. are you allowed to tell us when the new shops gonna open etc and all that sort of practical stuff? it would be great to know for idiots who only get to lower marsh now and again. Oh puuuullllease. Stop listening to Portishead for a minute, and publicise yourselves.

  7. Emmat,

    Yeah, C&P and marketing are only distant third cousins and really never get to meet except at funerals. We're on track for next weekend to be open (10th may) if you fancy popping down to Chelsea for a peruse.

  8. Clive - I know Martin Plumb well and we will be stocking his excellent new book.