Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yes that is Crockatt & Powell in the new Mike Leigh film.

Yes it is a brilliant, warm, happy, lovely, cuddly film.

No, that isn't adam or I.

We are not so grumpy.



  1. I've been looking forward to seeing the film. Now, all the more so. Is there more than that one scene in your store?

  2. I recognized the wallpaper....but apart from the shelves, the rest of the store looked rather unfamiliar...looked a little like the shelves have been moved to the library next door ....

  3. Sorry I had to rush off when you tried to show me the clip, Matthew. It looks great - can't wait to see the fillum.

    None of our buildings have been used for anything so glamorous- just the odd chocolate or furniture ad. Although there's a rumour of a porn scene on the (steel) stairs in one of our projects in Clerkenwell. Beat that guys!

  4. Just saw your moment of fame (sure there are many more - and more to come!): totally recognised the wallpaper; definitely didn't identify the man with the groovy hat and the grumpy mood with either of you guys!