Friday, April 11, 2008

Open a Shop and Build a Wendy house...

Why? Why? Why?

A Rastafarian asked me if I considered myself to be an intelligent person the other day and I said that I did not, that most people who considered themselves intelligent were in fact completely stupid.

I am also reading an excellent book titled The Humour of Kierkergaard: An Anthology.

Within this excellent book there is a section about arguing with your wife, why these arguments have a particular absurd humour of their own (I assume the same goes for arguing with your husband).

It goes a little something like this:

The weather improves.

We spend more time in the garden.

We decide a wendy house would be fun for our boy Finn to play in.

I am thinking of my dad and I (with little Finn hammering the cat in the background) designing and building a wendy house. A kind a male bonding/skills passing generally ape-like patch of behaviour that might last the entire summer.

Meanwhile my darling wife is on the Internet looking at freecycle and e-bay and finding all sorts of ready-made wendy houses that we could buy or barter into our garden NOW.

Ok, so I am notoriously, well ok legendarily (is that a word? there are legends about my crap DIY anyway), bad at DIY.

But we are a vain bunch us blokes. I have taken her lack of faith in my DIY abilities as a challenge. I must now design and build the best wendy house EVER.

Intelligent? Moi? I don't bloody think so!


  1. could you not call it a Tarzan house or something? 'Wendy' gives slighlty iffy vibes this ear.


  2. How about we just put a big Disney style sign on it and call it Testosterone Mountain?