Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Are we nearly there yet?

Almost children...almost...

Apologies for the grumpy tone of late. A list of my ailments:

1: RSI right wrist.

2: Stiff neck.

3: Blurred vision.

4: More brain damage.

5: Coffee addiction the likes of which has never been seen before.

6: Symptoms of coffee withdrawal - very jagged and nasty.

7: Forgetting what the seventh thing was between thinking about it and trying to type it.

We are very nearly done. The books are being oredered as I blog, isbns buzzing down those wires. The boxes will arrive on Friday.

Campbell from Bertrams is arriving this afternoon. He phoned up to ask if the shooting in Chelsea was going to cause any traffic problems...

My man the Notorious T.I.G is driving us about in his white van tonight, hauling things from one shop to the other. The Teegster is a clown by trade. Seems appropriate that the clowns of the book trade are to be driven about by a clown eh?

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  1. Can hardly wait to hear how the opening goes. All the very best of luck to the two of you... or is it now more? If so, you will have to make proper introductions.