Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hey Marie - Your New Paperback Is In The Window!

Not only did it arrive in a box with a book of fiction inspired by the music of Sonic Youth - there are loads of great quotes all over it.

We'll get you down to Chelsea just as soon as we're open...


  1. Awh, that's nifty!

    BTW guys, will you get a new (and correct!) acknowledgement of your opening a new store in the Guardian books column again?!

  2. You're kidding me! I haven't got mine yet and still haven't seen it! Thanks for the window spot.

  3. Read it on holiday (aptly in Greece) last summer - bloody loved it. Big points, that lady. I will actually fork out for the PB as it was only a proof copy and I left it with the woman who owned the hotel. Expect a small but vocal fan base in Antiparos.