Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beautiful Evidence: A Taste...

So that's the view from behind the till. Lots of lovely books eh? Walnut veneer for the shelving. That long display unit for hardbacks is lovely, the books slide into your hand. You can see a bit of the sign on the floor there - we are very nearly done.

Maybe if we had spent less time chilling out here and reading the London Review of Books we would have opened sooner! But I'm joking you. There are people out there have us down as a couple of lazy chancers. In fact we've been working rather hard.

It's a real communal effort. Adam designed it. Jan built it. Charlie painted the sign. Mary did the garden (in a day!) What did I do again? Well, I must have done something.

We are desperate to get started now. It's going to be great fun. We have some excellent folk joining us - Stuart, Jane and Claire - all excellent booksellers with plenty of experience. We think Thursday...


  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2008

    Which one's the Roy Hodgson celebratory table?

    Well done

  2. It looks superb. Almost as cultured as a Bullard (or Trundle) free kick.
    Good Luck on Thursday, or Friday...

  3. Can't wait to drop by. Congratulations...looks grand.

  4. So - will you be serving coffee???

  5. Thanks folks,

    Congrats on the Nibbie Mark - only saw yr blog yesterday.

  6. It looks great - and not a 3 for 2 sticker in sight!

  7. One of our finest customers visited the new shop today - was just passing - (so he said!).

    He used to own a bookshop himself and is a major bookaholic.

    He loved it and said it had a really good vibe. It looks as though we WILL be opening tomorrow. The nerves are calming.

    Good thing as this morning Adam and I were climbing the freaking walls in agonised negotiation with the builder. Gawd. So very nearly there...