Friday, May 23, 2008

From the file marked, 'Bleedin' Obvious'

We here in the booktrade are so lucky to have the services of such wonderful people as Market Researchers

I particularly liked:

'Commenting on the findings, BML Research Director Steve Bohme said: “What fascinates me about the research is that the heaviest book buyers don't always seem to be the most responsive to marketing messages. You often hear people in the trade questioning why so much of the industry's marketing efforts seem targeted towards the younger end of the market, when it is older people who tend to buy more books.
“This research supports the direction of these marketing efforts, with younger, typically lighter buyers appearing more open to the per­suasive powers of cover design, adverts, charts and prizes.”

And blimey, I can read the rest of the report for the knockdown bargain price of just £395! On a PDF no less! Where's my cheque book!!

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