Thursday, May 08, 2008


I was in the new shop last night for the first time in a while. It looks amazing. I know I say so myself but it's adam and Jan who take the credit so far - adam for the design and Jan for making it reality.

We are about to open one of the most beautiful bookshops in London.

Apologies again for blowing trumpets's true.

Today the garden is being landscaped. Yup - the garden.

Looks like we won't be open till next week, but all good things are worth waiting for they say...

This calls for some sh*t hot ukulele music methinks!

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  1. Dear C&P crew - Just to warn you that in my Guardian Review column this weekend I have mentioned the new shop. All v nice, of course, but unfortunately I have said it opens "today" (e.g. Saturday). Sorry! That was what we thought on Tuesday which is when I had to file the column [don't tell anyone about the early deadline though, I have to maintain the pretence it is the "latest" news from publishing].
    So anyhow you may wish to stand outside the shop on Saturday morning, fending off the thousands of Grauniad readers eager to see this red-hot new home of spirited bookselling. Alternatively no-one may turn up in which case I should probably hand in my badge...