Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thanks F

We have such great customers.

What could be better than a cool beer on a hot afternoon?

I'll tell you - some lovely person bringing you a cool beer on a hot afternoon!

Thanks F...


  1. De nada.

    (late response, I know, only looked at the post 'cos you said)

    About what we chatted about this afternoon - finally found the note sent by my friend PJ of University of Salamanca:

    "Mario Vargas Llosa singled out Bolano for comment in his recent
    acceptance speech for an honourary doctorate at the University of La
    Rioja, also singling out Los detectives salvajes, me parece, as a work
    whose time has not yet perhaps come. Matthew must be a pretty cool
    bookseller to have such similar thoughts to such a great writer!"

  2. Wow - nice note.

    You can tell your friend PJ I am blushing now...

    I did once meet Mario Vargas Llosa (whose books I also love) but I was totally star-struck and made a right tit of myself. He certainly didn't think he shared any thoughts with me - I think he thought I was insane!

    When I meet Mr Bolano (in hell) I'm sure we will get on.