Saturday, May 10, 2008


"When Fulham's Pan Bookshop abruptly closed at the end of last year, simultaneously with the nearby Waterstone's on Old Brompton Road, other booksellers spotted an opportunity. First to react have been Matthew Crockatt and Adam Powell, who run the fine independent Crockatt & Powell behind Waterloo station. Today they open their second branch, across the road from the former Pan shop (where they both used to work). The shop will continue their distinctive formula: eschewing mass-market bestsellers and traditional genre sections in favour of an eclectic literary range, where people can make discoveries and be inspired."

Joel from The Boookseller writes a regular column for the Guardian about book industry stuff. This is from that column today - lovely stuff, all very complimentary etc. (thanks Joel!)

Sadly we are not quite open in Fulham yet - next week. Watch this space. It will be worth the wait...

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  1. Awh, that did make me chuckle on Saturday as I read it and immediately said aloud "but they're not open yet!"

    You'll make a big hit I'm sure when you do though.