Saturday, August 16, 2008


Guest blogger writes:

If ever you're desperate for a slash, and all options have been razed to the ground Armageddon-style leaving C&P as Last Man Standing, take my advice: cross your legs or use the street. I climbed the boys' rickety backroom stairwell to The Toilet this morning, itself an assault course for the hardy, and returned in a sheen of sweat feeling nauseous. I almost pitied the hideous eyesore that serves as the 'petit coin' with its air of neglect. Even the mice don't go there anymore. Hours later, having tackled it with a cleaner containing formaldehyde, it's now feeling less sorry for itself, if not exactly proud....... and one is less likely to contract a rare form of bowel disease. Which, of course, is an added bonus.


  1. Have you cleaned it since I left one year and eight months ago?

  2. Guest blogger/toilet scrubber replies:

    Two blokes + toilet + 19 months - any cleaning efforts? Not a good formula eh? :-)

  3. Marie - "Guest blogger" isn't Crockatt or Powell.

    She (note gender) is our latest ampersand...

    I was stunned by the bog this morning. See post above.

  4. I worked in a bookshop for a few years. One employee, I discovered, preferred to pee into the coffee/tea-making sink in the back room rather than brave the toilets shared with 3 other businesses. Charming stuff.

    And my word verification word is "stewdik", which seems a bit harsh.